Gulf Builder’s Areas of Expertise

No matter a prime residence or single room the same professionalism is always applied. We undertake all types of building work. We provide an extensive range of services specialising in the complete or partial development, maintenance, remodelling, renovation and refurbishment of all types of commercial premises and residential properties. We pride ourselves on meeting set schedules with efficiency and enthusiasm to manage, coordinate and deliver our projects from start to finish. It is who and what we are. We offer unmatched quality of completion at the best competitive prices.

Fully Responsible

Gulf Builder team formed by responsible technician who are just right to do your works.

For all the provided services

No matter the size of your project, your project will be done just responsibly in time.

Professional Staff

Gulf builder team formed by professional technicians, engineers, builders, etc..

Make us and you confident for your project

We guarantee your project to be done with the best quality as possible by relying on our professional team.


Gulf Builder offers incredible elements that allow you to enjoy a beautiful property.

Build Something Beautiful

Dozens of creative designers on board.

Available 24/7

You do not need to be worried if it is weekend, bank holiday or even late night.

We are available everyday everytime

Just contact us anytime of the day and one of our representative would get back to you promptly.

What Client’s Say