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Gulf Builder situated at the very heart of Notting Hill, in the hub of a residential area that requires the highest standards at the right price, always finished within budget, and importantly, always on time.

No matter a prime residence or single room the same professionalism is always applied. We undertake all types of building work. We provide an extensive range of services specialising in the complete or partial development, maintenance, remodelling, renovation and refurbishment of all types of commercial premises and residential properties. We pride ourselves on meeting set schedules with efficiency and enthusiasm to manage, coordinate and deliver our projects from start to finish. It is who and what we are. We offer unmatched quality of completion at the best competitive prices.

We undertake all types of construction work internal and external. We provide services specialising in complete or partial development of the highest standards from extensions, to roofing, loft conversions, basements, kitchen and bathrooms and more. Maintenance, remodeling, renovation and refurbishment of all types of commercial premises and residential properties are finished on time and within budget. Working to meet set schedules to manage a coordinated delivery of our projects from start to finish is what drives us.

We offer unmatched quality of completion at very competitive prices. We work to the highest standards where all specialist trades and materials are closely monitored we achieve then a client focused and time efficient outcome because your goal is our priority.

Our team which is made up of highly experienced, knowledgeable, competent and dedicated trade specialists has earned us an enviable reputation. Services provided by our team members include plumbing and heating, electrical and lighting, carpentry and joining, painting and decorating, gardening and fencing and many others.

Whatever your needs, we will help you achieve the outcome you seek by formulating a unique, comprehensive and unbeatable service package adding further value to the service we offer. We will also help you draw up a plan. We will make covering your costs a stress less process by providing a clear budget breakdown.

Come and see us. We look forward to seeing you.

Our Skills

Refurbishment 90
Interior Design 95
Painting and Decorating 85
Conversion 75

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